You’ve probably never heard of Club America before, but if you have, you can be one of the first to experience the club’s brand new jersey design.

The jersey is officially called the “Club America Superfly” and features the club logo, its new crest and a club-inspired logo on the chest.

The club has been known to introduce new jerseys at the beginning of the season, and the “Superfly” is the latest iteration of the design.

The jersey was released today on the Nike website and will be available in stores starting today.

The “Super Fly” features the Club America logo on a navy-blue chest, with the club crest and logo in the front and the club name on the back.

The front is adorned with the Club logo on black-and-white print and the back features the logo on gray.

The shirt has a cotton-cotton blend fabric, while the shorts and socks feature a mesh material.

You can get the shirt on sale for $100 in select stores and online at