The Berghains club penguin was recently released on PornHub, a major streaming site for adult films and videos.

The video is a compilation of clips that showcase penguins performing a number of their favourite songs and videos on the Berghammer penguin.

Berghams penguins main song “Ain’t no such thing as an easy song” is featured on the video, while they perform a version of “Love is a gift” from the popular Japanese anime Love Live!.

There is also a short video of a penguin playing the piano, and it features the band of the Berneese Opera performing a performance of “Guitar Hero” during the opening sequence.

In a statement, Pornhub said: “The Berghans penguin has been one of our most popular performers over the past few years and we are very excited to bring them back to the Pornhub family.”

They are currently on a tour of Europe, but they have not announced dates.