Scotts Dales: The town in Scotland where Pokémon Go players live and work is set to become the latest destination to have a new game set to attract hordes of players.

The town’s owner has announced that it will be the site of the launch of the game on Friday.

The move comes a few weeks after Pokémon Go hit the UK, but it is the first time the game has been launched on the island.

The game was first launched in the US in August and has since become the biggest app on Apple’s App Store, overtaking Candy Crush Saga.

It is set for release on iOS in the next few months.

Players can now catch Pokémon in a large virtual world, but this is not limited to Pokémon Go.

It can be used for other purposes, such as finding a hidden Pokémon gym, or even for the purpose of socialising.

There are now over 100,000 Pokémon gyms in the game, with hundreds of thousands more players trying to catch them all.

“It is a game about gathering and sharing experiences with friends and family.

The community has grown enormously over the past few weeks and we can see it continuing to grow as the community expands, which will drive prices up,” David Williams, the owner of the town’s golf course, said.

Williams, who owns the Golf Club, said the town would need a large number of new residents to survive.

“We will need a big influx of people in the area to sustain the golf course,” he said.

“I am really happy that we have this opportunity to have this game here, it is a really great place to live and it is an opportunity for people to come and play.”

He said the game could be a huge success for the area.

“The game has attracted a lot of people and has really driven the price up,” he added.

The popularity of the app is partly attributed to its simplicity.

Players are limited to catching just a few Pokémon in their local area.

The majority of the Pokémon are rare, with rare and unique Pokémon only appearing in certain areas.

However, players can make new friends in the town and can find the Pokémon by catching them in the virtual world.

Pokémon Go is set up to work in a similar way, allowing users to find Pokémon by using GPS.

Players then move on to another location, which then provides the Pokémon with an additional chance to appear.

However the game is designed to be played online and is not designed to have much of a social aspect.

“If people can’t meet up in person then they can always get a Pokémon through a Pokémon Go app,” Williams said.

There is currently no sign of a release date in the UK.

The Pokémon Go craze In the UK the craze is known as the Pokémon Go phenomenon, after the popular game.

Many people have reported the game to police after finding Pokémon in parks, in parks and on the side of the road.

People have also been chased around town by dogs.

“People have started posting pictures of their dogs and cars in parks saying that they have found them, but that’s really a flimsy story,” said the local councillor, Jim McBride.

McBride said he has received hundreds of complaints about Pokémon Go and has been inundated with complaints.

“They [police] are not aware of the games popularity,” he told New Scientist.

“One officer told me they have had to respond to two complaints a week.

I have also received complaints about people driving up to a police station in a black Audi and asking to see their licence.

People are scared to report crimes because they are afraid of police responding to the reports and seeing their dogs.”

Police Scotland has now told the BBC it has received a total of 5,000 reports of Pokémon Go offences, and said it is “actively looking at” the issue.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has said it has “a very good relationship” with local police and has not received any complaints about the game.

The DMS has said the app has been a success for local communities, and that it would welcome “any suggestion of further improvements” to the game in Scotland.