The NRL has a simple way to read scorecards for the match between Melbourne Storm and Canterbury Bulldogs: just put the number on top.

Read moreRead lessA game that’s already won its share of awards, the NRL has been awarded four awards in the past three years, and the latest of those comes from the Rugby League Players Association (RLPA).

The awards include the top award for best matchday experience, the player of the year, the best team, and best overall player of 2016.

In 2017, the league’s best player was halfback Benji Marshall, who scored 34 points, and halfback Jake Granville took home the best overall tackle of the season award.

The award is voted on by the RLPA and each award has a winner.

The award for top player in 2017 went to Storm’s halfback Cameron Munster, who was voted player of this year’s tournament.

Read the full list of award winners here.

What you need to know about the 2018 NRL season:Here are the NRL’s top performers in 2017:Sam Burgess (Storm)‍s season finished in first place on the NRL Players Association Awards’ best player award, with a total of 32 votes.

Sam Burgess scored 37 points, with 10 contested, for the Storm.‍This season was Burgess’s first in the top-level NRL, but he has been a regular for Canterbury since he made his NRL debut in 2014.“It’ll take a lot for a team to come back from a big defeat,” Burgess told the media after the Storm’ 27-20 loss to the Broncos.”

I’m not complaining at all,‖ Burgess said, after he picked up his third consecutive win in the Bulldogs’ clash with the Bulldogs.’

They’re not playing their best footy.‖Burgess has been part of the Bulldogs for five seasons, and has a total record of 34 wins, six losses and eight ties.‘He’d like to take that into the game,‘ Burgess said.—They“re not good enough.‚The Bulldogs― defence was strong in the first half, but the Storm scored 22 points to the Bulldogs’ 16 to put them ahead early in the second half.‒We’ve got a couple of good halves in the last week,‚ Burgess said after the match.―I“m proud of our boys, and I’am happy with our game.„The Storm were able to hold off the Bulldogs, and Burgess said it’’was a good day for the Bulldogs team.†‘We“ll keep working on our game, and keep playing to win it,’ Burgess said when asked if he had any thoughts on the Storm getting their best ever performance from the first game in the competition.‏We‘ll keep trying to build off that,“ Burgess said as the Storm won 26-17. 

“We”ll keep fighting, keep pushing, keep playing our game in this game, so we’ just want to keep doing it.‟“You can’t put your head down when you’ have to go out there and do your best,‡ Burgess added.–‘‘Read more at‌‌For more sports news, subscribe to The Sportsworld Daily on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.