Satsumas club cakes are a hit with customers at the Satsums in Halifax.

The bakery has been in business for over a decade, but the owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he never thought he’d find himself at the centre of a story that would get national attention.

Satsumis owner Dan Satsume is one of many Canadian companies who have taken to the streets this weekend to celebrate the nation’s independence from the United Kingdom.

The company, known as Satsumi, has been selling cakes at midnight clubs and other events for more than a decade.

Says owner Dan:I never thought I would be at the forefront of something like this, I was born and raised in Canada, and it’s always been my dream to make something that represents Nova Scotia.

Satesumis cakes are sold at clubs across Canada.

Dan Satsumes cakes are made by hand, and the cakes themselves are baked by his employees.

He says the cakes are usually packed with ice cream, chocolate, fruit and sprinkles, and there’s a lot of love put into the design.

Dan says customers are usually quite pleased with the cakes.

“They say it’s really, really tasty.

We’re very happy with it, but I would not say it is as popular as we would like it to be,” says Dan.

The cakes are part of a nationwide celebration of Nova Scotia’s independence.

The cake was born in 1976, when the company opened a cafe in Halifax to cater to the growing number of visitors to the city.

The business was sold in 1988, but Dan says he has been working on the cakes for the last 10 years, and that they’re the most popular product on the shelves.

“People really love it, and they’re always talking about it,” says Satsuman.

The Satsumo bakery also has a presence at the International Dateline Museum in Halifax in a project that features more than 500 pieces of Canadian history, including a Canadian flag and a cannon.

The Museum says the museum is excited to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and to celebrate and recognize the contribution that the province has made to the world, and is proud to be the custodian of this heritage.

Satellites have been flying over Satsummis and the Sotsumas in Nova Scotia for the past two weeks, and Dan says the celebrations are taking place in many ways.

“We’re celebrating our own country, and we’re celebrating the things that our family has worked for, so it’s great,” says the owner.

The owner of Satsumeris bakery Dan Satesume says people are enjoying the cakes he makes.

“I love making them.

I think people are very excited.

It’s always nice to see a smile on people’s faces.”

Dan Satesumas cakes are now available for purchase online.