A $1-million shoe will make your day.

A $20,000 dress.

A new $20k pair of shoes.

And if you’re the type who is obsessed with being a winner, you can add another $20-plus shoe to the pile.

The winner-and-foe prize at this year’s Dollar Shave Club is a $100,000 shoe, according to the club’s website.

The winner, a man from New Jersey, will be given a $50,000 prize, while the foe will be awarded a $25,000 cash prize.

You’ll have to spend $5,000 on your shoes to qualify for the shoe.

You can enter to win by submitting a photo of yourself sporting the winning shoe or a selfie of you sporting the fiercest competitor wearing the winning pair.

In addition to the shoe, there’s a $200,000 purse.

The $200k is awarded to the winner, while $20 is for the fairest competitor in the competition.

You can get your prize here.

A photo posted by Dollar Shaving Club (@dollarshareclub) on Nov 3, 2017 at 12:34pm PST