By DAVID MARQUEZ, Associated Press The Trump International Golf Club in Dubai is set to be used by the president, a golf course official said Wednesday, a move that could set off alarms in the West Bank as Palestinians seek to build a Palestinian state on the disputed West Bank.

Trump, who is in the UAE for the Arab League summit, is expected to use the club for two weekends of golf in April.

The club’s president, Hamad Al-Khalifa, said in a statement Wednesday that the club will be used “for the purpose of entertainment, as well as to showcase the UAE’s rich culture and hospitality.”

He added that “there is no religious justification for this use of the club.”

The statement comes after Israel announced Wednesday that it would take legal action against the UAE over its plan to use a golf club owned by the UAE as part of a joint development project with Palestinians.

The UAE, a U.S. ally, has said it will not use the golf club as part the Palestinian state.

A Palestinian official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media said the club’s use as a base for Palestinians in East Jerusalem is “not acceptable” and should be stopped.

The official said that the use of a golf resort by Israel violates international law.

The UAE has a longstanding relationship with Israel, which is home to the majority of Palestinians.

A number of Palestinians have protested the construction of settlements on occupied Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, a city that Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East war.

The Trump administration has said the settlements, built by the Palestinians in the territories, are illegal and that it will withdraw its support if they are expanded.

The United States and other countries have called on Israel to withdraw its forces from the territories.

In its statement, the UAE said that it “respects the sovereignty of Israel and considers it its strategic interest to play a constructive role in peace.”

Trump is due to return to the U..

S.-based club on April 25 for a round of golf.

He is scheduled to participate in the annual White House Christmas golf outing in New Jersey, where he was the first U.N. leader to hold a private White House event in the U:niverse.

He also is set for a visit to the Vatican in June.

In a statement to the AP, Trump’s golf club said that “the President is in Dubai, where we are working closely with his international golf team to host the annual Christmas golfing experience for the American people.”

The Trump Organization said it has received “several inquiries” about the use by the U,T.

of the Dubai club.

“As a result, we are in the process of addressing these inquiries and will be sharing the details of these inquiries with the appropriate authorities,” the statement said.

The U.T. said it is not affiliated with the Trump Organization.

The Dubai Golf Club declined to comment on the news.

The move comes as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has expressed his support for building a Palestinian Palestinian state in the disputed territory.

Abbas, who has led the Palestinian Authority since 2014, has repeatedly said the Palestinians will build their own state, without Israel’s permission.

Palestinians are seeking to establish a state on lands the West has occupied since the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

In the West, the Palestinians want the West bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza strip to be part of an independent state that would be administered by Palestinian authorities.

They have sought a U-turn on Israel’s position on the issue, saying Israel must recognize the Palestinian rights in the territory.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmud Abbas speaks during a news conference in Ramallah, West Bank June 18, 2017.

While the United States has long sought a change in Israeli policy toward the Palestinians, there have been few signs that Abbas will seek to change the status quo.

A senior U.K. official said Abbas has said repeatedly that his goal is to establish the Palestinian State of Palestine, and that the UT. has been providing him with the funds necessary to do so.

The senior official said the UTAB is working with the U.,T.

on its preparations for a planned trip to Israel and said the trip would be held on the first anniversary of Trump’s visit to Israel.

Abbas has made his peace with Israel in part through the Palestinians’ own negotiating efforts.

Abbas in December gave the first of many public statements since taking office saying he hoped the U-T.

would continue to provide financial aid to help the Palestinian people, who are struggling to survive in the face of an Israeli assault.