I have never seen the same kind of men and girls dressed differently at the same bar.

I have seen the men in the strip club with the red T-shirts and the jeans and the women in a bright polo shirt and a skirt and a tank top and a denim skirt.

It’s an image that I don’t know how to describe.

There’s something about women dressed differently, I think, that is really empowering.

Women in the Bay Club and elsewhere, in the club itself, have their own stories.

There are the stories of women who went to college and went to university without a boyfriend and who had their first child and they came back to work as mothers.

There are stories of men who were single, single men who have two jobs and then the woman is the breadwinner.

There’s a story of women at the Bay who were just starting their careers in the entertainment industry and suddenly their careers were hit by the recession and they needed a second job.

There is a story about men who went through a divorce and then they went back to their first jobs and suddenly they were out of a job and they were looking for a second career.

Women at the strip clubs don’t always have the same stories as men.

Some strip clubs offer a cocktail party.

Some do not.

They don’t all have women dancing and some don’t.

Sometimes there are men who go to a bar and they don’t go to the bar and there are women who go.

They are in different places and they have different stories.

I think women have this expectation that they can be in a bar with other women.

They’re told they can’t be the only woman there.

They have to be the first woman.

They’re told that they’re going to the club with someone else and they can go with somebody else.

They get in the bar together and they’re not in the same room.

I think women need to know that it’s OK to go to bars and have a drink with a man and not be the sole provider for him.

It’s OK for women to go there with a partner and a man.

I just don’t think women know that yet.

We’re told to be comfortable in our own skin.

We’re told not to think about ourselves.

We can’t just say we’re OK with that.

That’s what I want to teach them.

I want them to realize that we are not the same and that they have to learn to be in the other person’s shoes and be in that person’s body and be a part of the other’s experience.

I want them not to feel judged by their appearance or what they wear or what the world thinks of them.