WINX’s social media strategy is being shaped by the arrival of a brand new social media platform.

The company says it’s now more than 60 per cent of its business, up from around 40 per cent in 2015.

Winx has said the new platform will provide Winx customers with a unified way to connect with their friends, family and community, allowing them to create a sense of belonging.

WINX Club has been the subject of some controversy on social media.

Last year, the online club was forced to shut down after receiving an online petition of nearly 30,000 signatures.

It’s the first time a social club has been shut down by the government.

In May this year, WINX CEO, Ian Fyfe, announced that the club was going to take on a new identity and launch a new app, which was supposed to launch in the next few months.

Now, in a statement released on Wednesday, WINNX confirmed that the new app is still in the planning stages and has yet to be formally launched.

The new app will allow Winx Club customers to connect through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the company said.

WINX is now the second social club to launch a social media app.

WINNx was launched in April last year and has since been the most popular social club in the UK.

WINx has been criticised by critics over its handling of its social media and in particular its approach to banning members from using its service, which has been criticized by users.

Earlier this year WINNexus, a leading forum for those who are unhappy with WINX, launched a petition demanding a review of WINX and its new app.

On Wednesday, Winx CEO, Mr Fyfersaid the company was working on a plan to address these concerns, including launching a new social app, in order to allow Winxes social media users to be able to continue using the platform.

“The feedback we’ve received has been very positive.

We’re still working on our plan to bring WINX back to its former glory and we’ll share that with you in the coming weeks,” he said.