Golfers have been enjoying their favorite game of golf with new features like an adjustable shoulder strap, better ball bearings and a new “fit” system that will allow players to customize their club to their body type.

The new features will be available in golf clubs in March 2019.

“I am so excited to have all these new things,” said John W. Taylor, chairman and chief executive officer of the PGA of America.

“I think the new players are going to enjoy it, they’ll get the benefits of the new technology, they’re going to be able to feel the difference.”

Taylor said the PGN clubs fit for the “golf ball and the game” were designed to allow players who are overweight to improve their game.

The company is also introducing a range of new accessories to help players keep fit.

Taylor said golf clubs will be on sale starting March 20.

“It is going to become a popular sport, but it is going get more popular, I think, as the sport continues to evolve,” he said.PGA Tour, which owns and operates the PGL Tour Championship, announced the changes in a news release.

“The Golf Club fit program is a big step in the right direction, and it is one that has made the golf community a more comfortable place to be and to play,” said Andy Sullivan, PGL tour chairman and CEO.

“We are pleased to welcome this important change to our program and look forward to continuing to make the PGC our highest priority.”PGA of California, a subsidiary of PGA, also announced the program changes.

PGA’s California Golf Club is the largest PGA tour member, and PGA has more than 1,100 members.

“We’re thrilled to be working with PGA on this important new initiative, and are excited about what it means for the golfing community,” said Brad Gilbert, executive director of the California Golf Association.

“The PGA Golf Club fits for the game and the world are a great start for all of us.

The PGA and the PGG have been a great partner since the first PGA tournament was launched, and we look forward with great anticipation to the exciting future ahead.”

Taylor said PGN Golf Clubs fit for size and fit will be limited to clubs with a minimum rating of 7,500, which will require players to wear an adjustable band or strapping system, and that golf clubs must be at least 16 inches in length.

The size of a PGF golf club will be determined by a computer algorithm that will determine the club’s fit based on body type, weight, and fitness level.

The PGN website will be updated regularly with new product information and the latest information on new product developments, and the company will make the new products available to members of the golf industry.

The latest Golf Digest article includes information on the Golf ClubFit program, and includes links to various other publications and other resources.