A luxury yacht club that’s been used by the Queen’s Family since the 1960s is now a van used by her children, the Herald Sun has reported.

The royal family have a fleet of about 100 vehicles, most of them used by their children.

They have a number of vehicles parked on the decks of the Royal Balmoral, including one owned by Prince Harry.

One of those vehicles is a yacht club vehicle.

It was leased to a family member, but has since been turned over to the Queen.

The Herald Sun reported that in 2015 the royal couple’s daughter Sophie had purchased the vehicle, which had been used for her birthday celebrations.

Sophie’s son is said to be an executive at the Royal College of Surgeons.

There is no suggestion that the royal children were in possession of the vehicle. 

The vehicle has been turned around and is now being used for royal family events.

In 2016, it was used for the coronation of the Queen, where Prince Harry’s vehicle was parked.

Its owner is a senior member of the royal Family, the Sun reported.

She is now the Queen s private secretary.

Prince Harry has been a regular member of Sophie’s birthday celebrations, often accompanied by his two younger siblings, Prince Harry and Camilla.

He has not attended any of her birthday parties since his birth.

His wife, Princess Anne, is also a regular attendee.

Since her birth, Prince William has attended the wedding of Princess Eugenie, Princess Eugène of Austria, and his father, Prince Charles, Princess Diana and their daughter, Princess Beatrice.