Get ready for the new era of strip clubs.

These clubs will be the places of your dreams for a variety of reasons.

They are often frequented by the older crowd and are generally less crowded than some of the newer clubs, but also offer some of your favourite experiences.

Some of the more exciting strip clubs have been created to cater for older customers and younger patrons, and even some of them have undergone a major renovation.

They have even come up with a name for them – the strip club.

Here are some of our favourite clubs in Melbourne, which we believe will satisfy the most discerning customers.


The Rooftop Club The ROOFTOP Club is the most famous of the strip clubs in Australia.

It was opened in 1884 and has become a favourite destination for many Melbourneians, and a place to relax after a long day.

Located on the top floor of the Melbourne Opera House, this club has been around since the early 1990s.

This is the club where many of the big stars have made their home.

From the iconic singer and singer-songwriter, Paul Simon, to the legendary musician and DJ, Eddie Cochrane, this place has been home to some of Australia’s most iconic acts, including the likes of Mick Jagger, Prince and Michael Jackson.

There are also a few other famous acts in the club, including Elvis Costello and the late Mick Jurgens, who played the bar.

It’s a place where everyone’s favourite band, The Rolling Stones, play and a club that attracts the likes as old as the building itself.

They can be found in this beautiful, cosy, and modern, but still historic building, which has been on the market for over 30 years.


The Glamour Lounge The GOLMAGLOUR Lounge was the first and only strip club in Melbourne to be built in 1901, and it is still the largest in Melbourne.

It is a place that has a great mix of both the old and the new, with a great selection of music, dance music, live music, and DJs.

It also features a cinema, as well as other entertainment such as darts and tables.

This lounge is known for its high ceilings and huge windows, and the area is well known for the huge number of patrons that flock here for all the different types of entertainment.


The Nautilus The NAUTILUS has a history that stretches back to the Victorian era, and many say it’s the birthplace of Australian music.

The club has changed hands many times, and has been renovated many times over, with the latest additions being in 2010.

The owners of the club have kept the name, as they wanted to honour the club’s former owners who had been patrons of the place.

In 2015, the club closed its doors for good, but the old club still remains.


The Wethersfield Club Wether’sfield Club was the oldest club in Australia, and was one of the oldest nightclubs in the world, opened in 1799.

It has since become a destination for all those who love a good dance party, and also those who enjoy the thrill of a fight or two.

The bar, with its huge red velvet walls and massive bar, is a favourite for the older patrons, who have been known to be loud and rowdy.

The atmosphere is very classy and the atmosphere at this club is the best in Australia with a big crowd.


The Midsummer Party Club The MIDSTOMMY Party Club has been the location of many great parties over the years, from the annual Carnival to the Grand National.

The location is perfect for those who want to have a little party without the crowds.

The dance floor is huge and the rooms are big, and there are plenty of private rooms for the partygoer.

There is also a restaurant and bar nearby, with plenty of dining options for the younger crowd.


The Beach The Beach is known as one of Melbourne’s best nightlife hotspots.

It features one of Australias most iconic clubs, and its most popular activities include a wide variety of activities for everyone from kids to adults.

Its a great place for couples to get together and enjoy their time together.

It attracts a large crowd on weekends as well, with locals often attending the event.


The Blue Spot The Blue Cat Lounge opened in 1910, and is one of those clubs that has had a long and illustrious history.

It became a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, as it was home to the first swimming pool in Australia and it has remained one of its favourite spots ever since.

The room is huge, the dance floor was originally built for the purpose of hosting parties, and they have a large number of private bars as well.

The rooms are all cosy and have a lot of furniture to choose from.


The Paddle Club The PADDLE Club has a long history, and