An article on fitness and diet in the Indian magazine Fitness said the bra-shaming is happening at a much faster rate than we would like to admit.

It said that the number of bra-wearing women in India has gone from 10 per cent to 30 per cent in the last five years, which is about the same as the world average.

It’s been estimated that about a third of Indian women wear the bra in the US, the UK and other developed countries.

It also said that many women in developed countries are now buying the bra. 

The magazine added that the trend is due to the “unspoken message” that the shape of a woman’s body is important.

 The article also highlighted a study by the National Institute of Health in India which showed that women in a number of developed countries have developed the habit of wearing the bra for their health reasons. 

This has led to many women to go to great lengths to wear the wrong type of bra.

“A number of countries have been implementing strict guidelines and laws that dictate the shape and size of the bra,” it said. 

According to the magazine, this is a form of “social stigma” that can lead to women who do not want to wear bras feeling “violated”.

“A woman in India may have no choice but to wear an incorrect bra for health reasons,” the article said.

“But if she is unable to change her bra shape, she can be blamed for her health condition.” 

The study was carried out in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra, in which the women who chose to wear bra-less were asked questions about their medical history and their medical issues.

The study also asked whether the women had undergone any tests or treatments.

“The majority of the women said they had undergone tests and treatments to correct the shape,” the study said.

“Many of them also said they did not have any other options to wear different bra sizes, such as band sizes, or cup sizes,” it added.

“This makes sense when considering that the majority of women in these states wear a medium-sized bra.” 

According the study, the shape in the bra affects women’s circulation, breathing, blood pressure and skin tone. 

“We found that women wearing a low-breasted bra had a more normal life expectancy and better overall health,” it stated. 

However, the article also warned that it is not just bra-clad women that are being “misled” by society.

“The lack of bra wearing is a problem in the entire country,” it continued.

“Men, too, are becoming more educated about wearing a bra, and are less likely to wear one.

This is causing a social stigma against women who choose not to wear any form of clothing.”