It has been revealed that two of the women in a popular Dublin nightclub have joined a separate club, the club club Sissy, after an impromptu “tour of duty”.

Source: The Irish Press Association The revelation has angered the club’s owners, who claim they have been “hacked” by “foreigners” who are using the club to promote a “dangerous” lifestyle.

The announcement came just hours after the club launched a new Facebook page, and two new Twitter accounts.

It comes after it was revealed that the Sissy’s owners are in the process of buying a new club, and that the owner of the other nightclub, Mug Club, has also joined the club.

In a statement released to the Irish Independent, the Sissys said they had been “trolled” by foreign visitors who “tried to recruit members” and “threatened to blackmail the club”.

It also claimed that its owners, Sean O’Connor and his wife Samantha, have been forced to leave the club, which is currently a “non-resident” club, in order to “clean up its act”.

The Sissies said that the new club would be run by a new management team, and would be in the same building as the Sistahs.

“The owners have been asked to leave Mug Club for two months as they attempt to clean up their act,” they said.

“We are now working with the management team to find a new location.”

The club has also announced that the two new clubs will have “a separate entrance” at the club building.

“They are being moved into separate buildings so they can be better monitored,” it said.

The Sissy club in Dublin Source: Facebook The Sistah’s owners have said that they are “under surveillance” from the Foreign Office.

“It’s very concerning to me that the Foreign Affairs Department is looking at this business as if it is an ongoing criminal investigation,” said Samantha O’Conner.

“And it’s very upsetting to me to be accused of being a criminal.”

The Irish Independent understands that the club has previously been investigated by the Foreign Service for alleged “potential sexual abuse” and that “the UK government and its allies have been trying to blackmail this club.”