Breakfast Club Castrated by Your Wife?

by Laura Jones on June 18, 2018 06:00:57 Breakfast Club castrated by your wife?

You have a great time watching the Breakfast Club as your wife is having a very bad day.

You’re having a good time enjoying the new toy and you notice she’s got a very large penis and she’s moaning loudly.

The next day, you’re surprised to find your wife has had the castration and she is in a state of arousal and excitement as you watch her get castrated.

She’s very close to climax and she starts screaming, “I want to be fucked!”

Your wife begins moaning and gasping for air as the castrates her, which is really exciting for you as you see that the penis has swollen.

After you have finished watching her get fucked, you notice her body is starting to sweat as she tries to get the semen out.

As you watch, she gets so aroused that she starts to rub herself against you and the semen shoots out of her vagina.

As soon as the semen comes out, your wife screams, “That’s it!” and she immediately falls limp and dies.