SAN FRANCISCO — Sam’s Clubs and the Sierra Club are still accepting new cards from Visa after the company announced last week that it would no longer accept Visa cards.

The company said it would not issue new Visa cards until January 1, 2018, the same day that the first American cards from the U.S. government’s credit-card processor, American Express, will be released.

Sam’s Club and the two Sierra Clubs issued the new cards at different times and each has been criticized for not releasing the cards in time.

The companies have said that Visa was forced to make a decision because of the ongoing shutdown in the U:S.

The Sierra Club said it needed to stop issuing new cards because of a lack of funds and the Sam’s club said it had been unable to meet demand due to the shutdown.

Sams Club Chief Executive Bill Loeffler said that he believes the companies will be able to release the cards by the end of the year, but that he has concerns about how many people will be approved to receive new cards and the quality of the cards.

He said that some cards were not issued because the card company didn’t meet quality standards and that he is still unsure if all cards will be issued.

“I am very hopeful that we will have an issue that we have not had before and we will be allowed to continue issuing these cards to our members, but we are concerned about the quality, reliability, and security of those cards,” he said.

Loeffling said that while he hopes that people will continue to receive their cards, he believes that the issue is not the only one that has led to Sam’s clubs and the other Sierra Clubs being forced to stop processing Visa cards as a result of the government shutdown.

“There are still many people who have been impacted by the government shut down and who have not been able to obtain their cards,” Loeckings said.

“The majority of people who are affected have done business with us for many years and we have had some very high-profile cases that have come to our attention over the last few months.”

In a statement on Tuesday, Visa said that it has already started processing new Visa debit cards in the United States and that it will continue processing Visa credit cards through Jan. 1, and that the company will be issuing new Visa credit and debit cards at the same time.

Visa also said that the two cards issued by the Sierra clubs are valid for now and that Sams Club has not notified the Sierra club that it was going to stop accepting Visa cards and that its Sierra Club Mastercard will not be issued in time for the American holiday.

Loeschler said on Monday that he expects Visa will issue new credit cards in March.