This video shows a group of golfers running around a soccer field in what appears to be a very loud noise as they attempt to get into the ball.

The clip, which has been shared more than 2,000 times, has since been taken down from the popular YouTube video sharing site.

It was posted on September 15 and has been viewed more than 3.5 million times.

The video shows one of the golfers hitting the ball into the ground.

Footage has since appeared on Facebook and Twitter.

One user, named Mike, wrote on Facebook: “The video shows what appears like an active soccer field.

I can’t say it was loud because it sounds like a car hitting the ground or something like that. “

It’s just really loud.

I can’t say it was loud because it sounds like a car hitting the ground or something like that.

He also added: “But the noise it creates is loud enough that it would not be a good thing for the field to be disturbed.”

A statement on the video’s page said: “This is an official golf video.

It has been posted to YouTube on September 13 and we are unable to respond to this video.

The video is being removed from YouTube due to inappropriate content.

It was a football that was hit in a soccer court.

We do not condone the use of this type of video.

We encourage people to report any inappropriate content to YouTube and the authorities.

This is not the first time we have seen this type or this type in our city.

We have seen videos where a group is running through the streets, or walking along sidewalks.

We also have seen some video where people are driving and then hit another car, which is a common problem we have here in Toronto.

“The video has been re-posted in several different countries on social media, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the US.

In the US, the video has also been viewed about 2.8 million times, according to Google News.

We appreciate everyone’s concern and wish to assure you that we are investigating the video and will be providing all support,” it said.