A major reason for the decline in Apple’s iPad and Mac sales is a slowing global demand for digital books, according to a report from digital-rights group Reporters Without Borders.

The group said it was the first time it had looked at a worldwide survey on sales of digital books in a single year.

In the first half of 2017, the number of digital-book purchases globally dropped to just under 2 billion, down from 3.3 billion in the same period last year.

Sales have also dropped in countries with high levels of illiteracy, including France, Italy and Germany.

More:The report also found that digital sales are declining in the United States, where Apple sold just 1.7 million books in the quarter, compared to 2.9 million in the year before.

However, it said the company will try to turn that around in the future by introducing more books with more digital features and expanding its digital library.

For its part, Apple declined to comment on the report.

While sales of the iPad and iPhone are up, the market for digital downloads has declined.

Digital-book sales are now at their lowest point in three years, according for the latest report from Reporters Free Press.

“The decline is the result of the inability of publishers to offer a digital distribution model,” the group said.

“[Publishers] are having to rely on offline services to offer their digital products.”

Reporters Without Border is also concerned about the impact of climate change on digital-books sales.

“The growth of digital products is driven by the changing social landscape,” it said.

“As a result, consumers are seeking to make their digital purchases at the same time as they do offline purchases.”

Apple has also been criticised for its lack of consumer loyalty programs and the fact that some of its own books do not include social club features.

Apple’s digital books were initially targeted at children but have since moved into adults.

But it’s been selling more books than ever, especially for adults, and it’s also seen a massive increase in the number and popularity of books from foreign authors.

As part of its $1bn buyout of publishing giant Simon & Schuster, Apple also announced plans to sell an additional 4 million books a year.