A group of Mumbai-based fashion brands including L.V. Club, Nautica, B.V., and Nautika are pushing for the mall to be a venue for their online business.

A group of retailers are also eyeing a mall for their stores, which they say are among the largest online brands in the country.

A mall will offer them a bigger and more accessible retail space to sell their goods and services to the public.

The idea is to allow them to sell more to customers on their own premises, without having to relocate their stores in malls.

“We are ready to move to a mall, as we have already invested around Rs 1,100 crore in building this mall and are ready for a bigger one,” said Rajiv Kumar, CEO of Nautikas brand, a department store and online fashion retailer that has more than 2,000 stores in India.

The mall has been in operation since 2001.

It is the second largest mall in India, behind Mumbai’s iconic Taj Mahal.

It opened in 2014 and has a capacity of over 25,000.

The mall has a mall gate and entrance of nearly 30,000sq ft, but it is mostly used for retail and office spaces.

Nautika, which owns the mall, has invested over Rs 1.8 crore in the project.

It has also hired more than 300 people in the past three years.

The company has said it plans to start the construction of the mall by the end of this year.

Nautikis mall, a major mall with a capacity around 25,0000sq ft has a gate of around 30,0000 sq ft. It will be built by 2019.

A spokesperson for the National Mall Authority of India said the proposed building is in its early stages.

It is the first such mall in the city.