“This place is awesome.”

—Sasha, customer who stopped in after a night out with friends, topless and dancing in the club.

“The staff is always so friendly.”

—Customer, visiting from California, to visit the nearby strip club, toting her own laptop and playing video games.

“It’s not like a club, it’s a really nice place.

The girls are nice, the bartenders are nice.”

—Pamela, visiting New York, to the club with her husband and son.

“I can tell you the atmosphere is great.

It’s not too loud, but you don’t have to listen to anyone because the DJ’s great.”

—Barista, visiting Orlando, to take advantage of the club’s free WiFi and poolside lounges.

“Everyone is so friendly and fun.”

—Bartender, visiting Houston, to enjoy the lounge at the back of the establishment and enjoy a few drinks.

“This is definitely a good place to get a great cocktail, I’m glad I can go here again.”

—Man in a suit, visiting Las Vegas, to drink and party in a strip club.