The next decade is a period of massive changes for the movies industry.

With the release of Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War and the Disney blockbuster The Jungle Book, studios are hoping that the next wave of blockbusters will be able to capitalize on the new, larger audiences and make more money.

However, these movies may not make the same fortune as the previous movies, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The publication found that the biggest movie franchises, like Warner Bros.’

Batman V Superman and Disney’s Frozen, have struggled in the face of a changing market and have made a big mistake in the long run.

The biggest studio films to fail to deliver on their potential, the publication found, are the big two, Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures.

Both films made huge amounts of money during the summer of 2020, but the failure to take the next step and reach the next phase of the movie business means they will never get back into the mix.

In fact, The Hollywood Reporters’ report says that only four of the five biggest Hollywood blockbuster franchises, with a combined gross of $1.3 billion, have made more than $100 million during the decade since their release.

That’s down from the past four decades, when they made $1 billion or more.

The problem is that studios haven’t gotten their act together, and they aren’t investing enough in marketing and promotion, The Reporter found.

This has left them in a terrible spot.