A group of women book lovers are taking a stand against The Bachelor after being accused of “faking” their book club experience and posting photos of themselves as members.

Alyssa Milano, a writer and co-founder of the women’s book clubs The Club and The Clubbing Club, said she and her friends went to the Los Angeles Bookstore in January to pick up a copy of Reese’s novel.

They were disappointed to find out the venue was closed.

They later learned that it was closed for business because the bookstore’s owners had refused to accept any book clubs that weren’t approved by the local chapter of the NAACP, according to a statement released on Monday by the organization.

They say they are being punished for their beliefs.

They have been told that the decision was made to deny them membership to their club because of their race, sexual orientation and gender identity, according the statement.

Milano said she has been receiving hate mail, death threats and calls from other book clubs.

She has also received death threats on Facebook and other social media sites.

Milanano said the group is currently organizing an online petition to ask the L.A. chapter of NAACP to reconsider the decision.

“We are tired of being shut out of this amazing community of people who are here for the right reasons and who are looking out for the best interests of everyone,” she said.

“The NAACP and L.E.B.A., we are not going to stand for that.

We are going to fight to make sure that these members of this community are recognized for what they are.”

Milano added that the boycott has caused “huge pain” for her and her group, which has about 20 members.

She said they have received death and rape threats on social media and that they have been contacted by local NAACP chapters, who have promised to remove the boycott if the group can’t meet its goals.

The NAACP has not responded to CNN’s request for comment.