The fight club is back.

The new fight club, which will take place at the Dallas Convention Center this weekend, will be the first of several Dallas-area shows this year featuring local talent in the fight game.

A group of fighters is set to take part in the first-ever event hosted by the fight clubs of Dallas, Fort Worth, and El Paso.

In 2018, Fight Club Cast, a show hosted by Dallas-based trainer Paul “The Man” Rios, took place at a different location, and a few months later, Fight Cocky, a group of local fighters, took part in an event hosted in the same building.

This year, it will be a different event.

The Dallas fight clubs will bring the fighters and coaches they’ve trained and fought with to the convention center to showcase the sport of mixed martial arts and showcase the unique and growing talent they bring to the sport.

They�re also hoping to draw some of the UFC�s top talent to the Dallas fight club.

Fight Club is scheduled to take place Saturday, Sept. 22.

It will be hosted by UFC Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre.

The UFC is the biggest and most popular combat sports organization in the world.

The company has a global presence with more than 10,000 fighters in a variety of different styles of fighting, including kickboxing, grappling, karate, kickboxing and MMA.

In addition to the fighters, it has fighters, trainers, and promoters from all over the world competing in the UFC.

There are more than 20,000 UFC fighters in the United States, and the organization has over 12,000 members.