This summer, the New York City Board of Health issued a warning to strip clubs.

The health board, which regulates all licensed establishments, told strip clubs in a letter that they have to stay away from children and pregnant women and they had to notify authorities of “any possible health risks associated with the use of the venues.”

The board noted that many of the establishments were owned by the same family, with many families controlling multiple locations.

The letter cited an alarming trend of children being “physically assaulted” by people who used the venues.

But the board also warned strip clubs to follow its own code of conduct.

“The Board believes that strip clubs should abide by all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to the establishment of minors, and that the club may not conduct or promote events that involve physical violence,” the letter read.

In June, New York became the latest city to issue warnings to strip club owners about the dangers of strip clubs: The New York State Attorney General’s Office and the city’s health department issued a joint statement last month, saying the law was in place to protect people from exposure to the effects of exposure to substance abuse.

In addition to the health board letter, the city is considering a bill that would require strip clubs with more than 300 patrons to wear condoms during sex and require them to notify police of incidents of sexual assault or child abuse.