In Miami, there are a number of new clubs in and around Miami Beach, and the latest is the Miami Pilates Club.

The club opened its doors at the newly-constructed condo building on Miami Beach Boulevard on Monday, and it’s already made quite a splash.

Owner, Chris Gantner, said the club opened the first week of March, and has already seen an influx of visitors.

Gantners new club, called The Pilates, was named after the fitness app Pilates.

Gants first club, the Club Pilati, was opened in the neighborhood of Westlake in 2016.

According to Gant’s website, “The Pilates is Miami’s first dedicated Pilates club in the heart of the city.

Its members are all passionate about fitness and fitness culture, and are committed to serving as ambassadors to the local community and the health and wellness industry.”

The club has a focus on fitness and a focus to be “a place where everyone can come together for a day of Pilates and relaxation.”

Members can take a fitness class, attend an event or participate in group yoga classes.

The Pilati also offers free yoga classes at its studio.

According Gant, the club has been operating for more than a year.

“Our members have been supportive and encouraging us,” he said.

“I’ve gotten to know some of them over the last year.

They are really supportive and they want us to succeed.”

One thing that sets the club apart from others in the Miami area is the club’s unique pricing structure.

Members can pay $25 for a class, $30 for a studio class, or $45 for a full day class.

According, the Pilates does not offer membership for private practice or for groups, but Gant said the memberships are available for groups of any size.

Gantry said the pricing structure is important because “you don’t want to get into a situation where you’re stuck paying a $50 to $60 price for a Pilates class.”

He added that Pilates membership costs $25 per month, which can get expensive.

The cost of a Pilate session is $20 for both the solo and group classes.

Ganted said the price structure is a way to make the club accessible to all ages.

Ganton said that the club will also provide a weekly schedule of yoga classes to keep members motivated.

According the club website, the clubs focus on “high-energy, high-impact, community-building activities for all ages.”

The Pilatis fitness class is scheduled for Wednesday, March 8, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Members are welcome to come and attend as many sessions as they like.

Members of the club can also participate in Pilates classes in a variety of locations, including the gym, gym and at home.

GANTNER said the Pilati is a “very positive space” for the club.

“We want to make sure the club is a place where everybody can come and hang out and connect,” he added.

“It’s a place for us to meet new people.

It’s a very positive space for the members, and I think it’s a great way to do that.”

The Club Pilatis website is available at