Sams club will open its first Ohio and Illinois store on Friday, the company announced.

The company said in a statement that Sams is looking to open 10 stores “in locations in both markets over the next six months.”

The company also said that the company will “continue to invest in expanding the Sams brand” in its stores and in its products.

The Sams chain, which is based in Tennessee, will open the first Sams stores in California in the next year, the statement said.

Sams’ parent company, Sams Holdings, announced in December that it had entered into a multiyear agreement with a group of local grocery stores to open their first Sam’s clubs in the United States.

That deal, which expired in April 2018, provided the chain with a 10-year extension on the deal.

Samson’s owner Sam Kass said at the time that the chain was “very excited” to begin the expansion.

Sam’s is a privately held company that specializes in soft drinks and snacks.

Sam Kass owns a large stake in Sams.