Sams Club to open at 10 stores in Ohio, Illinois

Sams club will open its first Ohio and Illinois store on Friday, the company announced.The company said in a statement that Sams is looking to open 10 stores “in locations in both markets over the next six months.”The company also said that the company will “continue to invest in expanding the Sams brand” in its […]

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What happens when you play a sexy girl?

The popular MTV show Teen Mom 2 is bringing back its old cast of teens to its reunion this fall, and now the girls have some advice for how they can stay in the spotlight.In the series finale, Amber and Maya got engaged and their relationship was renewed, but it’s not always so straightforward.Amber was […]

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When to nail your nails and when to not?

Posted September 11, 2018 09:10:06 The time you nail your nail is always a little different.Nail artists say they prefer to nail a certain color and style of nail before they get too excited about the look.That’s because it gives you a chance to experiment with colors before they show up in your collection.You can […]

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How to watch a golf club with a mobile app

Golf clubs have long been a staple in the lives of millions of people around the world.Whether it’s on the course, at a friend’s house, at the beach or on a game of the golf ball, golfers around the globe have found ways to keep up with the game with a range of mobile apps.Whether […]

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How to teach your kids to be parents

A parenting book called Bully Bully: How to Raise Smart, Creative, Empathetic Kids has sparked a debate about whether the book’s author should be paid for it.It has been a hit with readers, with more than 1.6 million downloads on Amazon and more than 4 million reviews.The book has also been shared on social media […]

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Which hunting clubs are the best in the world?

Hunting clubs in the UK are booming.This is the second time in the past month that the number of members has risen, and there are now more than 30,000 hunting clubs.It’s all down to the success of a British government-backed campaign, The Hunting Clubs Network, which aims to boost the UK’s hunting and fishing industry […]

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